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LASERS Sister Team Program

Our Lou Gehrig Lasers Sister Team Program is intended to unify our players across age groups as well as contribute to our family like atmosphere. The goal is to create a strong camaraderie between all Lasers teams that leaves a lasting impression on all of our players and reinforces that they are loved and cared about as young women.

 Little Sisters (Lasers Schmidt) with their Big Sisters (Lasers Johel)

Little Sisters (8U-DePrima) and Big Sisters (Lasers-Smith) 

Notable Results:

 2020 Season

10U Schmidt - Clarence Tournament 10U Gold Division Champions

10U Kazmark - Mel Ott Silver Division Champions

11U Mobus - Quarantine's Over 12U Runner Up

14U Johel - Aunt Rosie's Tournament 14U Runner Up

14U Johel - Fireworks Classic 14U 3rd Place

16U Snyder– ChampionsEvents 16U Fastpitch Finale Champions

16U Snyder - Lou Gehrig Summer Classic 1U Gold Division Runner Up

2019 Season

9U Schmidt - Metro B Division Regular Season and Playoff Champions

9U Schmidt - West Seneca Magic Tournament 10U Silver Champions

9U Schmidt - Summer Classic at Lou Gehrig 10U Silver 3rd Place

10U Mobus - NFGSA 10U Regular Season Champions and Playoff Champions

10U Mobus - Lancaster Coca-Cola Classic 10U Champions

10U Mobus - Summer Classic at Lou Gehrig 10U GOLD Champions

10U Mobus - Orchard Park Tournament 10U GOLD Runner Up

10U Mobus - Lakeshore Girls of Summer 10U Finalist (Rain Shortened)

12U Gilham - Orchard Park Tournament 12U GOLD Champions

12U Gilham - West Seneca Magic Tournament 12U Runner Up

12U Gilham - Summer Classic at Lou Gehrig 12U GOLD Runner Up

12U Murphy - NFGSA 12U GOLD Regular Season Champions and Playoff Champions

12U Murphy - Summer Classic at Lou Gehrig 12U GOLD Champions

12U Murphy - Shine by the Shore 12U Runner Up

12U Murphy - NSA New York State Champions (Rain Shortened)

12U Murphy - Rochester Lady Lions Invitational 12U Finalist

13U Johel - Victor Summer Classic 14U Champions

13U Johel - Rochester Lady Lions 16U Play Day  undefeated

13U Johel - Summer Classic at Lou Gehrig 14U GOLD Runner Up

14U Smith - Coca Cola Classic Tournament 14U GOLD Champions (Rain Shortened)

15U Smith - Homerun Softball Pumpkin Tournament 16U Champions

15U Smith- Cayuga Lady Luck 16U Silver Runner Up

15U Snyder - Summer Classic at Lou Gehrig 16U GOLD Champions

15U Snyder - Battle at Fort Niagara 16U GOLD Runner Up

15U Snyder - Cayuga Lady Luck 16U GOLD Runner Up

16U Quagliana - Cayuga Lady Luck 16U GOLD Champions

2018 Season

9U Mobus– 25th Annual Summer Classic at LG 10U Silver Runner Up

10U Campanella– 25th Annual Summer Classic at LG 10U GOLD Champions

10U Campanella– Mel Ott Tournament 10U GOLD Champions

10U Campanella – Sandlot Tournament 10U GOLD Runner Up

11U Gilham - NFL 12U Silver Division Regular Season Champions

11U Murphy – 25th Annual Summer Classic at LG 12U GOLD Runner Up

12U Johel– NFL 12U GOLD Division Champions

12U Johel– 25th Annual Summer Classic at LG 12U GOLD Champions

12U Johel– NSA North East World Series 12U Runner Up

12U Johel – Champions Nationals 12U – 3rd Place

12U Johel– Pinnacle Indoor Tournament 12U Champions

12U Johel– Cayuga Fall Frenzy 12U Runner Up

12U Johel/13U Smith -DG Showcase 14U/16U Tier 2 Futures Runner Up

12U Schrlau – Mel Ott Tournament 12U Silver Runner Up

13U Smith – Sandlot Tournament 14U Champions

13U Smith – 25th Annual Summer Classic at LG 14U GOLD Runner Up

13U Smith – Lancaster Coca Cola Classic 14U Silver Champions

13U Smith – NFL 14U Silver Regular Season and Playoff Champions

14U Snyder– 25th Annual Summer Classic at LG 14U Gold Champions

14U Snyder – Battle of Fort Niagara 14U GOLD Runner Up

14U Snyder– Wellsville Diamond Dawgs 14U GOLD Champions

16U Quagliana – Battle of the Burgh16U Runner Up

 2017 Season

9U Campanella -  Metro A Silver Division Champions

9U Campanella – North Buffalo Tournament 10U Gold Runner Up

9U Campanella - Clarence Tournament 10U Silver Runner Up

10U Gilham - NFL 10U Gold Division Regular Season Champions

11U Johel -  Dazzlers Tournament 12U Gold Champions

11U Johel -  Lakeshore Girls of Summer 12U Gold Runner Up

11U Johel - 24th Annual Summer Classic at LG 12U Silver Division Champs

11U Johel -  Mel Ott Tournament 12U Gold Runner Up

12U Smith -  24th Annual Summer Classic at LG 12U Gold Division Runner Up

12U Smith- North Buffalo Wild Cats 12U Gold Division Champions

12U Smith – Darien Lake Classic 12U Runner Up

12U Schrlau- North Buffalo Wild Cats 12U Silver Division Champions

12U Schrlau - 24th Annual Summer Classic at LG 12U Silver Runner Up

13U Snyder– 24th Annual Summer Classic at LG 14U Gold Champions

13U Snyder– Evans Memorial Day 14U Runner Up

13U Snyder– Orchard Park 14U Silver Champions

14U Quagliana – Cayuga Lady Luck Tournament 14U Gold Champion

14U Quagliana – NFL 16U Silver Regular Season Champions

14U Quagliana – Ohio Roadrunners Indoor Tournament 14U Champions

 2016 Season

10U Gilham - 2016 23rd Annual Summer Classic  at LG  10U Champs

10U Murphy - 2016 23rd Annual Summer Classic  at LG  10U Runner Up

10U Johel- 2016 Battle of Fort Niagara 10U Runner Up

10U Johel- 2016 Lancaster 10U Runner Up

10U Johel- 2016 North Buffalo Wild Cats 10U Tournament Champions

10U Johel- 2016 Mel Ott 10U Tournament Champions

10U Johel- 2016 Niagara Frontier League 10U Regular Season Champions

10U Johel - 2016 All Sanctioned World Series - 16th out of 69 teams

11U Bessel - 2016  23rd Annual Summer Classic  at 12U LG  Gold Division Runner Up

11U Bessel - 2016 12U Metro League and Playoff Champions

12U Snyder -  2016 Lakeshore Girls of Summer 12U Gold Runner Up

12U Snyder- 2016 Battle of Fort Niagara 12U Gold Division Champs

12U Gunnells -  2016 Lakeshore Girls of Summer 12U Silver Champs

12U Gunnells- 2016 Battle of Fort Niagara 12U Gold Division Runner Up

13U Fairbrother- 2016 Battle of Fort Niagara Silver Division Runner Up

13U Quagliana- 2016 NSA World Series in Buffalo 14U Runner Up out of 22 teams.

14U Werth- 2016 16U  Lady Luck Tourney  Champs

14U Werth- 2016 9th ouf of 180 team at 14U World Series in Columbus, OH

 2015 Season

10u Gold Bessel wins Rochester Lady Lions ASA qualifier  (Rain Shortened)

10U Gold Bessel wins Summer Classic at LG  - Gold Division

10u  Blue (O'Donnel) and Gold (Bessel) : Co- Champions of Lakeshore "Girls of Summer" Tournament 

10u Gold Bessel wins Lancaster Coke Classic Tourney

10U Gold  Bessel Wins NFL regular season and Playoff Championship.

10U Gold Bessel takes 5th out of 50 teams at Ohio World Series National event

10U Gold Bessel Wins Clarence Tourney

10U Blue O'Donnel takes Runner Up for Metro A Regular Season and Playoffs

10u White Johel wins Battle at Fort Niagara Silver Division  (Rain Shortened)

10u White Johel takes Runner Up at Summer Classic at LG - Silver Division

10u White Johel  wins Metro B Playoff Championship.

11U Gold Snyder takes runner up in OP tourney (Rain Shortened)

12U Gold Quagliana takes runner up in Battle at Fort Niagara tournament 

12U Gold Quagliana finishes 9th out of 65 teams at NSA North World Series 

13U Blue  wins Summer Classic at LG- Silver Division

13u Blue  takes runner up in Mel Ott Extravaganza 

13U Gold  Pogorzala wins Summer Classic at LG- Gold Division

14U Gold S Quagliana finishes 17th out of 83 teams at NSA North World Series

16U Gold Smith takes Runner Up at Greater Buffalo NSA Qualifer (going to NSA Nationals in 2016)

16U Gold Smith takes 4th at South Carolina Nationals