Lasers Photo Wall of Champions

2019 12U Gold Champions and Runner Ups (Murphy and Gilham) 

2019 Shine by the Shore 12U Gold Runner-Up (Lasers-Murphy)  

2019 Lou Gehrig Summer Classic 16U Gold Champions ( 15U Snyder)

2019 Lancaster Coca Cola Classic Champions (10U Mobus)

2019 Cayuga Lady Luck 16U Gold Champions (16U Quagliana)

2019 Victor Summer Classic 14U Champions (Lasers-Johel) 

   2019 West Seneca Magic Tournament 10U Silver Champions (Lasers-Schmidt)  

   2019 Summer Classic at Lou Gehrig 14U Gold Runner-Up (Lasers-Johel)  

   2019 NSA New York State 12U Champions (Lasers-Murphy)

   2019 Summer Classic at Lou Gehrig 10U Gold Champions (Lasers-Mobus) 

  2019 Orchard Park Tournament 12U Gold Champions (Lasers-Gilham)

  2019 Orchard Park Tournament 10U Gold Runner Up (Lasers-Mobus) 

2018 Homerun Softball Pumpkin Tournament 16U Champions (Lasers-Smith)

  2018 NSA World Series 12u Runner Up (Lasers-Johel)

10U Campanella - 2018 Mel Ott Gold Division Champions 

 12u 2018 LG gold division tournament champion (Lasers-Johel)

2018 12u LG gold division champions (Lasers-Johel) and runner-ups (Lasers-Murphy)

14U Smith - 2018 Sandlot Spring into Summer Champions

 10U Campanella - 2018 Lou Gehrig Summer Classic Gold Division Champion

2017 -12U LG Summer Classic - Smith(Gold Runner Up); Johel (Silver Champs); Schrlau (Silver Runner Up) 

11U Johel - 2017 Dazzlers 12U Gold Division Champions 

 10U Johel - 2016 North Buffalo Touranment Champions 

10U Johel - 2016 Mel Ott Touranment Champions 

 11U Bessel - 2016 12U  Metro League and Playoff Champions

14U Werth wins 2016 16U Lady Luck Championship  

12U Snyder - 2016 Battle of Fort Niagara Gold Division Champs 

 12U Gunnells and Snyder in the Gold Championship at the 2016 Battle of Fort Niagara

 12U Gunnells -  2016 Lakeshore Girls of Summer Silver Champs

10U Gilham - 2016 Lou Gehrig Tournament Champs

10u GOLD-  2015 Winners of Summer Classic at LG - GOLD Division 

 10u GOLD- 2015 Winners of Lancaster Coke Classic

10U NFL Regular Season and Playoff Champions -2015 

10U Gold wins 2015 Clarence Tournament 

 10U White wins Metro B Playoff Championship - 2015

 12 U - Fairbrother, Gunnells and Snyder - rain delay LG tourney 2015

13u Blue- 2015 Winners of Summer Classic at LG - Silver Division 

13u Gold- 2015 Winners of Summer Classic at LG - Gold Division 

2016 World Series Buffalo -Runner Up out of 22 teams. 

 16u Gold- Qualifiers for 2016 NSA Nationals