2018 Tournament Info

LG  Lasers 25th Annual Summer Classic

2018 Lou Gehrig Summer Class Softball Tournament Registration link is now live.  Click on the link below to be redirected to the Tournament page and registration site.   

Lou Gehrig Softball Tournament Registration

2018 Lou Gehrig Summer Classic Tournament Website link (Click below)

2018 Lou Gehrig Summer Classic Softball Tournament Website Link

2018 Summer Classic Tournament Results

8U Tournament Champion:  Lou Gehrig Blue- Zobel, Runner Up: Lou Gehrig Red- DePrima

10U Gold Tournament Champion:  Lou Gehrig Lasers- Campanella, Runner Up: Clarence Red Devils-Greco

10U Silver Tournament Champion:  Grand Island Rapids-Kopf, Runner Up: Lou Gehrig Lasers-Mobus

12U Gold Tournament Champion: Lou Gehrig Lasers-Johel, Runner Up: Lou Gehrig Lasers-Murphy

12U Silver Tournament Champion: USSSA Pride, Runner Up; Amherst Thunder

14U Gold Tournament Champion: Lou Gehrig Lasers-Snyder, Runner Up: Lou Gehrig Lasers-Smith

14U Silver Tournament Champion: Eden, Runner Up: Wheatfield Nitro