IRON HORSE Travel Baseball Tryouts


POSTED - 9U - Wednesday, 8/7 and Thursday, 8/8 @ 5 PM - Coach Joe Spano -

RED, BLUE POSTED - 10U - Monday, 8/5 and Tuesday, 8/6 @ 5 PM - Coach Mark Rapp -

RED, BLUE POSTED - 11U - Monday, 8/5 and Tuesday, 8/6 @ 5 PM - Coach Alex Urbino -

RED POSTED - 12U - Sunday, 8/11 @ 5 PM - Coach Jamie Weissenburg -

**ADDED - 12u Blue & White - Tuesday August 13th, @ 6 PM - Coach Jason Isbrandt -  

UPDATE 7/26/19  -13U Red - Monday, 8/12 and Tuesday, 8/13 @ 5 PM - Coach John Armento -

UPDATE 8/15/19 - REPORT TO FIELD 10 - 13u Blue & White - Friday August 16th @5 PM - Coach Josh Katzman -

POSTED - 14U Red - Wednesday, 7/31 @ 5 PM - Moved to Williamsville North Turf - Hopkins Rd side- Coach Gary Spoth 

BLUE POSTED -UPDATE 8/3/19 - 14U Blue & White - Wednesday 8/7 @ 6 PM - Coach John Gangloff - 

POSTED - Updated 7/29/19 - 15U Red Valley - Tuesday August 6th @ 6 PM - Coach Paul Valley -

16u Red - Thursday August 15th @5pm - Coach Paul Szymendera - mr.szymendera@

POSTED-UPDATED 7/29/19 - 16U Blue - Monday August 5th @ 6 PM - Coach Jamie Archer -

UPDATE  8/7/19 - 17U - Tuesday August 13th @ 6PM - Coach Steve Balcerzak -

*Check-in is 30 min prior to tryout at the complex concession stand, 50 Dann Rd East Amherst, NY 14051, unless alternative location noted,  Original Birth certificates or passports are required for all new players to Lou Gehrig Travel teams.

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LASERS Travel Softball Tryouts

Thank you to all the girls who tried out for the 2020 Lasers teams!  

Rosters are posted on the Softball page under Lasers 2020 Teams. 

Congratulations to all the girls!

Manager Feedback

Your feedback is important to us!  All of us on the LG Board try to make as many games as we can throughout the season to see our wonderful coaches in action, but we need your help! We can't see everything, so please take just a few minutes and fill out the end of year surveys below. We take each review into consideration when determining coaches for the next season, and your feedback is our most important tool!  Thank you, and we hope you had a great season!!



2020 Lou Gehrig Iron Horse Baseball Rosters


9u RED - Coach Joe Spano - Dalton, Gibson, Gilbert, Hennessey,McCarthy, McCarthy,  Mika, Phillips, Shugg, Spano, Spencer,  White  

9u BLUE - Coach Keith Gregson - Drake, Giambrone, Gregson, Held, Henzler, Kathman,  Lajeunesse, Nashwinter, Randle, Wasinger, Welsch, Welsch

10u RED - Coach Mark Rapp - Bartholomew, Beck, Bruce, Katzman, LaMonte, Medico, JJ Murphy, Rapp, Rustowicz, Szymanski, Wade, Zimmerman

10u BLUE - Coach Joe Shapiro - Bauer, DeCarolis, Dolan, Gilbert, Goeckel, Gugliuzza, Lansing, Morphy, E. Murphy, Scorsone, Shapiro, Zgoda

10u WHITE - Coach Russ Callesto - Bieger, Burroughs, Callesto, D'Andrea-Terreri, Dolloff,  Eberz, Frost, Odachowski, Poehler, Toomey, Vogel, Zinger

11u RED - Coach Alex Urbino - Fluskey, Gangi, Gilham, Gorman, Graesser, Griffin, Mouyeos, Pecoraro, Pickreign, Rydelek, Serrano, Urbino

11u BLUE - Coach Gregg Pastore - Diodate, Cavall, Costanzo, Creamer, LaRusso, Pastore, Ray, Rossi, Rouse, Stinson, Toomey, Wojick

11u WHITE - Coach Jason Gunnells - Allen, Calhoun, Coppola, Fletch, Jaeger, Klentos, Klentos, LaJeunesse, OKeefe, Santoro, Tasner, Verrastro

12u RED - Coach Jamie Weissenburg - Bailey, Daun-Barnett, Grohusko, Hubbard, Lichner, LoVullo, Marcarian, Panepinto, S. Panarese, Vitanza, Weissenburg, Zgoda

12u BLUE - Coach Jason Isbrandt - 

12u WHITE - Coach Steve Ziff - 

13u RED - Coach John Armento - Armento, Hansen, Hurley, Kasprowitz, Lipski, Mendola, O'Donoghue, Ohle, Okulewicz, Panaro, Wanat, Welgoss

13u BLUE - Coach Josh Katzman - 

13u WHITE - Coach Steve Krolczyk - 

14u RED - Coach Gary Spoth - Appelbaum, Cerkiewicz, Heim, Maggione, Mirti, Novak, Onevelo, Rossano, Sackel, Sammarco, Schraufstetter, Willats

14u BLUE - Coach John Gangloff - Callesto, Courtney, Eckert, Gangloff, Lozo, Noble, Quagliana, Scudder, Szymendera, Tucker, Wisniewski, Ziff

14u WHITE - Coach Dave Levesque - Abrazek, Fischer, Halfon, Levesque, McKenna, Monile, Robertson, Skura,   Looking for 3-4 additional players. 

Contact Coach Levesque at

15u RED - Coach Paul Valley - Ayers, Cook, Demarco, Diamond, Doyle-Rowan, Ehmann, Miller, Peer, Pogodzinski, Sansone, Stellrecht, Stoeckel, Tabone, Valley


16u RED - Coach Paul Szymendera

16u BLUE -  Coach Jamie Archer - Archer, Egleston, Folck, Funke, Gray, Gregoire, Henderson, Herrmann, Kendall, Kirsch, Lamanna, Spanitz, Sullivan

17u LEGENDS - Coach Steve Balcerzak 

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Tournament Champions

2019 MMB 9U Tournament Champions - LG Red 

Tournament Champions

14u Red - Coach Paul Valley - Midwest Summer Rumble Champs
@ Sports Force Sandusky, Ohio

Tournament Champions

13u Red - Coach Gary Spoth - Clarence Summer Slam Champions

Softball Champions

2019 12U Summer Classic at LG Gold Champions and Runner Ups -                      LG Lasers Murphy and LG Lasers Gilham 

Softball Champions

 16U Snyder- Lou Gehrig Summer Classic 16U Gold Champions  

Softball Champions

 16U Quagliana- Cayuga Lady Luck 16U Gold Champions  

Softball Champions

13U Johel - Victor Summer Classic 14U Champions  

House Champions

Major A Champions - Athletics -  Coach Kurt May  

House Champions

Major C Champions - Astros 

Instructional All-Stars

Major A Home Run Derby Finalist

Softball Champions

10U Mobus - Lancaster Coca-Cola Champions 

Softball Champions - Lasers

9U Schmidt - West Seneca Magic Silver Division Champions

Softball Majors Champions

Majors Champions - Canisius

Runner-Up - St. Bona

Softball Juniors Champions

 Juniors Champions - Canisius

Runner-Ups - Buff State

Softball Seniors Champions

 Seniors Championship Game at UB

Champions - Niagara University

Runner-Up - Canisius

Softball Clinics

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