Iron Horse Baseball 2021 Tryouts

8u - (Smilinich): Buesink, Hoffman, Hubbard, Joseph, Marciano, Minnuto, Morphy, Rapp, Schmidt, Short, Smilinich, Wilcox

8u - (Collard): Collard, Dentino, Gaesser, Hansen, Joyner, Kerl, Lucey, Mungo, Nadzrzuch-Hillard, Schmitt, Suchan, Vona

9u - Red (Lichner): Beang, Bodkin, Calhoun, Crage, Fasolino, Fitzner, Heideman, Lichner, O’Brien, Pastore, C. Preisler, H. Preisler

9u - Blue (Costanzo): Beck, Costanzo, Flemming, Griffin, Kajtoch, McCormack, Medico, Shapiro, Sinnarajah, Sinsabaugh, Storfer, Wesolowski

10u - Red (Spano): Colisomo, Collard, Kathman, LaJeunesse, McCarthy B, McCarthy J, Mika, Phillips, Spano, Spencer, Wasinger, White

10u - Blue (Gregson): Dalton, Drake, Gibson, Gilbert, Gregson, Henzler, Nashwinter, Randle, Shugg, Welsch C, Welsch H, Wieczkowski

11u - Red (Rapp): Bartholomew, Beck, Bruce, Gugliuzza, LaMonte, Medico, Murphy, Rapp, Rustowicz, Szymanski, Wade, Zimmerman

11u - Blue (Katzman): Bauer, Bieger, Dolan, Gilbert, Goeckel, Katzman, Lansing, Morphy, Murphy, Scorsone, Shapiro, Zgoda

11u - White (Callesto): Berner, Briggs, Burg, Callesto, Dolloff, Ermer, Frost, Landreth, Noah, Odachowski, Poehler, Toomey

12u - Red (Urbino)Fluskey, Gangi, Gilham, Gorman, Graesser, Griffin, Mouyeos, Pecoraro, Pickreign, Rydelek, Serrano, Urbino

12u - Blue (Pastore): Calhoun, Costanzo, Creamer, Diodate, G. Klentos, V. Klentos, Lajeunesse, LaRusso, O’Keefe, Pastore, Ray, Toomey

12u - White (Conibear): B. Allen, J. Allen, Cavall, Coppola, Dalfonso, Fletch, Jaeger, Madden, Potash, Ragusa, Stinson, Tasner

13u - Red (Weissenburg): Callesto, Daun-Barnett, Grohusko, Hubbard, Lichner, LoVullo, Marcarian, Panepinto, Panarese, Vitanza, Weissenburg, Zgoda

13u - Blue (Isbrandt): Armento, Flemming, Hansen, Isbrandt, Leong, Medico, Panaro, Panzarella, Rapp, Syracuse, Taft, Wearne

13u - White (Ziff): Attea, Bailey, Calvello, Clarke, Colby, D’Angelo, Kroll, McCarthy, Olearczyk, Polek, Smith, Ziff

14u - Red (Armento): Armento, Hansen, Hurley, Kasprowitz, Lipski, Mendola, O’Donoghue, Ohle, Oklulewicz, Panaro, Wanat, Welgoss

14u - Blue (Mathews): Belle- Isle, Ehmann, Holzbaur, Johnson, Katzman, Lee, Lougen, Mathews, Pickreign, Siejka, Stockmeyer, Weber

14u - White (Krolczyk)Bellanti, Bhatnagar, Bush, Cutrona, Elwood, A. Higgins, L. Higgins, Krolczyk, LaJeunesse, MacVittie, Schmidt, Venator

15u - Red (Gangloff): Beyer, Callesto, Courtney, Eckert, Gangloff, Lozo, Noble, Quagliana, Scudder, Szymendera, Tucker, Wisniewski, Ziff

15u - Blue (Levesque): Abraszyk, Botzenhart, Church, Darlak, Dengler, Fisher, Halfon, Levesque, McKenna, Robertson, Skura, Woodworth

16u - Red (Valley)Ayers, Cook, DeMarco, Diamond, Doyle Rowan, Ehmann, Kennedy, Miller, Paul, Peer, Pogodzinski, Sansone, Stellrecht, Stoeckel, Tabone, Valley

17u - Red (Szymendera): Davoli, Graziano, Hashmi, Honan, Maclay, MacLeay, Okulewicz, Plewa, Szymendera, Terranova, Tracey, Wojciechowski, Zdrojewski

17u - Blue (Archer):  Archer, Egleston, Folck, Gray, Gregoire, Henderson, Herrmann, Kendall, Kirsch, Lamanna, Manzella, Reynolds, Sullivan

Thank you.  Please contact us with any questions you may have. 

Sean McCarthy, President

Joe Spano, Vice President

LASERS Softball 8U Tryouts

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Tryout Schedule

8U Machine Pitch (2012 & 2013) – Friday, Sept. 25, 6:00 PM


Check-in will begin 30 minutes prior to scheduled tryouts.

Lou Gehrig Complex, 50 Dann Rd., E. Amherst 14051


For questions, please contact us at

For updates regarding tryouts follow us at

LASERS Softball 2021 Teams

 Thank you to all the girls that came out to tryout for the Lasers Teams!

2021 teams are listed on the Lasers page.  Click here to see the rosters.

Lou Gehrig Complex - Spectator Guidelines

Spectator Guidelines

  • Only 2 spectators per player.
  • Masks are required for entry and must be worn while walking throughout the complex.
  • Spectators must be aware of social distancing. No gathering or groups of people.  If your team is in the 1st base dugout, please keep all fans spaced out down the 1st base line or in right field.  If your team is in the 3rd base dugout, please keep all fans spaced out down the 3rd base line or left field. 
  • No spectators allowed directly behind home plate or behind the dugout.
  • Bring your own chair.
  • If your team is not playing during a break or rain delay, please leave the complex or wait in your vehicle.
  • Spectators should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of the game they are watching.

Tournament Champion

8U Blue - Cheektowaga Tournament - Gold Bracket

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LGYBS Complex Info

We hope you all enjoy spending time at our facilities. So that everyone continues to enjoy them we ask that the following rules be followed:

  • No pets allowed on the premise - NO exceptions
  • Please do not allow your children to play on unoccupied fields
  • Please supervise young children at all times
  • Please keep our restrooms clean

We thank you for your support and are looking forward to another GREAT season at LGYBS!

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